Become A Vehicle Hacker

Learn how to reverse-engineer and hack vehicles, without the risk or hassle of using a physical one

Fully simulated vehicle control systems at your fingertips

Use real world vehicle hacking skills and be able to override internal systems. A few things you can do...

  • Lock and Unlock Doors
  • Override Engine Speed
  • Disable/Enable Wipers
  • Adjust And Lock Climate Controls

And so, so much more

Use your programming skills to automate tasks and create dynamic vectors of access

Compete in CTF style competitions with global leaderboards


Ever wonder what you could do to a car because cars are really cool? Well now you can find out because you can hack cars!


The youth of today need to get their learnin on when it comes to stuff. Like car stuff. Cool car stuff.


If you make cars, sell cars, eat cars, row cars, or tow cars, buy this product.

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